2016 ZKC Email International Club Tournament

May 03 2016

Dear Friends, The 2016 ZKC Email International Club Tournament is on again. June 28th, 29th, 30th . Attached please find the regulations on the tournament. I hope that Your Club will take the opportunity to participate. This year, similar to last year, we have decided to give to the winning clubs male and female, 2 sets of ZKC weights each. This tournament has become very popular now and we want to reward the winning clubs with an additional set of weights. Again I look forward to see your clubs participating in this event. Kindest regards, Paul Coffa MBE General Secretary Oceania Weightlifting Federation 2016 ZKC Email International Club Weightlifting Tournament.pdf

OBITUARY - Daryl Cohen

The AWF is saddened to learn of the recent passing of a distinguished past Australian and Victorian Weightlifter, Mr Daryl Cohen.

Daryl died on 04 March 2016, regretfully the AWF office did not become aware of this until Michael Noonan respectfully forwarded a copy of the attached obituary that appeared recently in THE AGE newspaper.