Lifter's Name Jackson Solofa Gender M
Club Cougars Weightlifting Club State QLD
Coach Miles Wydall
Age Group Mast 35-39 Weightlifting Age 35 (Born 1982)

Personal Bests


Competition History

QWA League Round 4 & Masters League Round 4118.758512020513/09/2014215.715D. I
Qld Senior & Junior Championships119.30(+25) 110(+10) 130(+35) 2405/10/2014252.238C. I
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 4 – Cougars120.45(+1) 111(+6) 136(+7) 2477/11/2014258.950C. I
Olitek National Sen/Jun Championships121.00(+4) 115(+-4) 13224730/11/2014258.651C. I
Mike Keelan Shield Competition122.0511013724712/12/2014258.095C. I
Uesaka Barbell Australia QWA League Round 1 & Masters League Round 1121.95(+5) 120(+18) 155(+28) 27521/02/2015287.411B. I
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 1 – Cougars121.1012015027021/03/2015282.677B. II
AlphaFit Qld Senior & Junior Championships124.80(+8) 128(+3) 158(+11) 28628/06/2015297.263B. I
Milton Open Club Competition123.50(+2) 130(+2) 160(+4) 29025/07/2015302.160B. I
QWA League Round 3, Masters League Round 3, and Eleiko AWF Club Challenge State Qualifying Event122.9013016029015/08/2015302.514B. I
Olitek Australian Jun/Sen Championships123.00(+2) 132(+0) 160(+2) 29230/08/2015304.541B. I
Eleiko AWF Club Challenge Final123.10(+1) 133(+2) 162(+3) 29525/10/2015307.608A. II
Australian Open123.25130169(+4) 29913/12/2015311.690A. II
Australian International124.3013015628619/03/2016297.540B. I
Qld Senior & Junior Championships122.7512217029224/07/2016304.690B. I
Cougars Club Competition129.7413016329311/03/2017301.866A. II
Qld Senior & Junior Championships130.60(+7) 140(+-4) 166(+7) 3062/04/2017314.856A. II

Competition Attempts

QWA League Round 4 & Masters League Round 4118.757580851071131208512020513/09/2014
Qld Senior & Junior Championships119.301001051101221271301101302405/10/2014
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 4 – Cougars120.451051051111251311361111362477/11/2014
Olitek National Sen/Jun Championships121.0010011011512512513211513224730/11/2014
Mike Keelan Shield Competition122.0511011511513013714511013724712/12/2014
Uesaka Barbell Australia QWA League Round 1 & Masters League Round 1121.9512012512515015015512015527521/02/2015
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 1 – Cougars121.1012012513015015516012015027021/03/2015
AlphaFit Qld Senior & Junior Championships124.8011812312815315315812815828628/06/2015
Milton Open Club Competition123.5012513013015516016013016029025/07/2015
QWA League Round 3, Masters League Round 3, and Eleiko AWF Club Challenge State Qualifying Event122.9012513013015516016513016029015/08/2015
Olitek Australian Jun/Sen Championships123.0012212713215515516013216029230/08/2015
Eleiko AWF Club Challenge Final123.1012312813315215716213316229525/10/2015
Australian Open123.2512513013515516917213016929913/12/2015
Australian International124.3012513013515616116413015628619/03/2016
Qld Senior & Junior Championships122.7512212213015016017012217029224/07/2016
Cougars Club Competition129.7412312713015516317013016329311/03/2017
Qld Senior & Junior Championships130.601281341401581661731401663062/04/2017

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events7271%74%72%
Higher Events (National/International)3080%67%73%
All Events (Overall)10273%73%73%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-3kg - 14 events-8kg - 12 events
When missed-8kg - 2 events-1kg - 4 events

History of Records Broken