Lifter's Name Louise Webb Gender F
Club Geelong Weightlifting Club State VIC
Coach Michael Torriero
Age Group Mast 55-59 Weightlifting Age 57 (Born 1961)

Personal Bests


Competition History

HWC Alby Dutton & Bill Keir Memorial inc. Masters GP483.904550953/10/2015107.715
Barwon Open & Barwon Club Youth GP380.96(+2) 47(+0) 50(+2) 9713/12/2015111.788
Geelong Open79.80053020/03/20160.000
Vic Masters Championships incl Masters GP2 & VWA Open79.704554(+2) 999/04/2016114.949
Victorian Junior/Youth/U15 Championships80.9046529822/05/2016112.980
Olitek Australian & Oceania Masters Championships79.884651974/06/2016112.504
Barwon Open81.40(+3) 50(+1) 55(+6) 10518/12/2016120.459
Geelong Open & Geelong Youth GP181.00(+3) 53(+2) 57(+5) 1105/02/2017126.466D. II
World Masters Games/Championships79.15495610524/04/2017121.961
VWA Open incl Masters GP377.95059024/06/20170.000
Victorian Masters Championships incl Masters GP479.505160(+1) 11119/08/2017128.673D. II
HWC Alby Dutton & Bill Keir Memorial incl Masters GP579.33061016/09/20170.000
AWF & OWF Masters Championships & Pacific Rim & World Cup78.50505810827/10/2017125.916D. II
Geelong Youth GP 281.80515510625/03/2018121.350
Geelong Open & Youth GP 382.16515911021/04/2018125.693D. II
Australian & Oceania Masters Championships83.50(+1) 54(+-3) 58(+1) 11225/05/2018127.110D. II

Competition Attempts

HWC Alby Dutton & Bill Keir Memorial inc. Masters GP483.904043454550504550953/10/2015
Barwon Open & Barwon Club Youth GP380.9645474950535347509713/12/2015
Geelong Open79.80464646515355053020/03/2016
Vic Masters Championships incl Masters GP2 & VWA Open79.704045455154544554999/04/2016
Victorian Junior/Youth/U15 Championships80.904650525246529822/05/2016
Olitek Australian & Oceania Masters Championships79.884650505151554651974/06/2016
Barwon Open81.40505253535355505510518/12/2016
Geelong Open & Geelong Youth GP181.0049515352545753571105/02/2017
World Masters Games/Championships79.15484952535659495610524/04/2017
VWA Open incl Masters GP377.95505151545859059024/06/2017
Victorian Masters Championships incl Masters GP479.50485154566060516011119/08/2017
HWC Alby Dutton & Bill Keir Memorial incl Masters GP579.33515154586161061016/09/2017
AWF & OWF Masters Championships & Pacific Rim & World Cup78.50505253555860505810827/10/2017
Geelong Youth GP 281.804548515255515510625/03/2018
Geelong Open & Youth GP 382.16515454565959515911021/04/2018
Australian & Oceania Masters Championships83.50525254565858545811225/05/2018

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1258%62%59%
Higher Events (National/International)442%58%50%
All Events (Overall)1649%65%57%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-2kg - 10 events-3kg - 12 events
When missed-2kg - 5 events-2kg - 3 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ50F75+VICMast 50-5403/Oct/2015Broken by
SNATCH45F75+VICMast 50-5403/Oct/2015Broken by
TOTAL95F75+VICMast 50-5403/Oct/2015Broken by
TOTAL99F75+VICMast 55-5909/Apr/2016Broken by Louise Webb
TOTAL99F75+AWFMast 55-5909/Apr/2016Broken by Bronwyn Hitchener
SNATCH45F75+VICMast 55-5909/Apr/2016Broken by Louise Webb
SNATCH45F75+AWFMast 55-5909/Apr/2016Broken by Louise Webb
CJ54F75+VICMast 55-5909/Apr/2016Broken by Louise Webb
CJ54F75+AWFMast 55-5909/Apr/2016Broken by Bronwyn Hitchener
SNATCH46F75+AWFMast 55-5922/May/2016Broken by Bronwyn Hitchener
SNATCH46F75+VICMast 55-5922/May/2016Broken by Louise Webb
SNATCH53F90VICMast 55-5905/Feb/2017Broken by Louise Webb
CJ57F90VICMast 55-5905/Feb/2017Broken by Louise Webb
TOTAL110F90VICMast 55-5905/Feb/2017Broken by Louise Webb
CJ59F90VICMast 55-5924/Jun/2017Broken by Louise Webb
CJ60F90VICMast 55-5919/Aug/2017Broken by Louise Webb
TOTAL111F90VICMast 55-5919/Aug/2017Broken by Louise Webb
CJ61F90VICMast 55-5916/Sep/2017Current Record
SNATCH54F90VICMast 55-5925/May/2018Current Record
TOTAL112F90VICMast 55-5925/May/2018Current Record