Lifter's Name Maddison Power Gender F
Club Burleigh Barbell Club State QLD
Coach Callum Hannay
Age Group Under 15 Weightlifting Age 15 (Born 2003)

Personal Bests


Competition History

Qld U15 & Youth Championships44.7023285130/04/201689.170
Qld Club Challenge Round 2 & Eleiko Club Challenge Qualifying Round – Gold Coast44.702330(+2) 5314/05/201692.667
Australian U15 & Youth Championships45.91(+4) 27(+8) 38(+12) 659/07/2016110.881
Qld Club Challenge Round 3 – Gold Coast46.00(+3) 30(+2) 40(+5) 7013/08/2016119.197
Uesaka Barbell Australia League & Masters League Round 346.30(+2) 32(+0) 40(+2) 7227/08/2016121.881
Qld Club Challenge Round 4 – Gold Coast46.75(+6) 38(+11) 51(+17) 8915/10/2016149.350D. I
Qld All Schools Championships47.1037528912/11/2016148.356D. I
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 1 – Gold Coast49.95(+2) 40(+2) 54(+5) 9428/01/2017144.452D. I
Qld Senior & Junior Championships50.80(+5) 45(+3) 57(+8) 1021/04/2017154.750C. II
Qld U15 & Youth Championships51.68(+3) 48(+3) 60(+6) 10813/05/2017161.763C. II
Australian Junior & Senior Championships51.24(+2) 50(+3) 63(+5) 1132/06/2017170.334C. I
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 2 – Gold Coast52.35486010817/06/2017160.235C. II
Australian Under 15 & Youth Championships51.70(+2) 52(+2) 65(+4) 1178/07/2017175.193C. I
Commonwealth & Oceania Championships51.99(+1) 53(+1) 66(+2) 1194/09/2017177.453B. II
Queensland Cup52.85(+1) 54(+1) 67(+2) 1217/10/2017178.281B. II
Qld All Schools Championships54.20(+2) 56(+3) 70(+5) 12611/11/2017182.318C. I
Pacific Mini Games52.2456691255/12/2017185.744B. II
Australian Open52.755672(+2) 12823/02/2018188.855B. I
Queensland U15 & U17 Championships54.90(+1) 57(+-1) 7112819/05/2018183.544B. II

Competition Attempts

Qld U15 & Youth Championships44.7020232322252823285130/04/2016
Qld Club Challenge Round 2 & Eleiko Club Challenge Qualifying Round – Gold Coast44.7020232325283023305314/05/2016
Australian U15 & Youth Championships45.912426273436382738659/07/2016
Qld Club Challenge Round 3 – Gold Coast46.0025283035384030407013/08/2016
Uesaka Barbell Australia League & Masters League Round 346.3028303238404232407227/08/2016
Qld Club Challenge Round 4 – Gold Coast46.7535384048505138518915/10/2016
Qld All Schools Championships47.1037374148505237528912/11/2016
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 1 – Gold Coast49.9538384050525440549428/01/2017
Qld Senior & Junior Championships50.8041434553555745571021/04/2017
Qld U15 & Youth Championships51.68434648555860486010813/05/2017
Australian Junior & Senior Championships51.2445485057606350631132/06/2017
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 2 – Gold Coast52.35434548555860486010817/06/2017
Australian Under 15 & Youth Championships51.7048505260636552651178/07/2017
Commonwealth & Oceania Championships51.9949515360636653661194/09/2017
Queensland Cup52.8550525461646754671217/10/2017
Qld All Schools Championships54.20515356656870567012611/11/2017
Pacific Mini Games52.2452545663656956691255/12/2017
Australian Open52.75545658677072567212823/02/2018
Queensland U15 & U17 Championships54.90545457697173577112819/05/2018

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1386%93%88%
Higher Events (National/International)694%100%97%
All Events (Overall)1986%96%91%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-2kg - 15 events-2kg - 18 events
When missed-1kg - 3 eventsN/A

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
SNATCH45F53QLDUnder 1501/Apr/2017Broken by Maddison Power
SNATCH48F53QLDUnder 1513/May/2017Broken by Maddison Power
TOTAL108F53QLDUnder 1513/May/2017Broken by Maddison Power
TOTAL113F53QLDUnder 1502/Jun/2017Broken by Maddison Power
CJ63F53QLDUnder 1502/Jun/2017Broken by Maddison Power
SNATCH50F53QLDUnder 1502/Jun/2017Broken by Maddison Power
SNATCH52F53QLDUnder 1508/Jul/2017Broken by Maddison Power
CJ65F53QLDUnder 1508/Jul/2017Broken by Maddison Power
TOTAL117F53QLDUnder 1508/Jul/2017Broken by Maddison Power
TOTAL119F53QLDUnder 1504/Sep/2017Broken by Maddison Power
CJ66F53QLDUnder 1504/Sep/2017Broken by Maddison Power
SNATCH53F53QLDUnder 1504/Sep/2017Broken by Maddison Power
SNATCH54F53QLDUnder 1507/Oct/2017Broken by Maddison Power
CJ67F53QLDUnder 1507/Oct/2017Broken by Desree Barnes
TOTAL121F53QLDUnder 1507/Oct/2017Broken by Maddison Power
SNATCH56F58QLDUnder 1511/Nov/2017Broken by Tori Gallegos
TOTAL126F58QLDUnder 1511/Nov/2017Broken by Tori Gallegos
SNATCH56F53QLDUnder 1505/Dec/2017Current Record
TOTAL125F53QLDUnder 1505/Dec/2017Broken by Maddison Power
CJ69F53QLDUnder 1505/Dec/2017Broken by Maddison Power
CJ72F53QLDUnder 1523/Feb/2018Current Record
CJ72F53QLDYouth23/Feb/2018Current Record
TOTAL128F53QLDUnder 1523/Feb/2018Current Record