Lifter's Name Robyn Morgan Gender F
Club U. P. Lift Brisbane State QLD
Age Group Mast 45-49 Weightlifting Age 45 (Born 1973)

Personal Bests


Competition History

Qld Club Challenge Round 3 – Brisbane Barbell73.95557412913/08/2016155.632C. II
Eleiko Club Challenge75.20(+1) 56(+1) 75(+2) 13123/10/2016156.635D. I
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 1 – Milton75.4553751285/02/2017152.042D. I
World Masters Games/Championships73.95(+1) 57(+7) 82(+8) 13927/04/2017166.744C. I
Qld Masters Championships 78.30(+3) 60(+-1) 81(+2) 14127/08/2017164.582C. II
AWF & OWF Masters Championships & Pacific Rim & World Cup74.35587913727/10/2017163.905C. II
My Gym Club Competition78.5058781363/03/2018158.561C. II
Queensland Masters Championships78.10567813424/03/2018156.595C. II
Uesaka QLD Club Challenge and League Round 278.90597913823/06/2018160.520C. II

Competition Attempts

Qld Club Challenge Round 3 – Brisbane Barbell73.95485355657074557412913/08/2016
Eleiko Club Challenge75.20505657707275567513123/10/2016
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 1 – Milton75.4553575772757853751285/02/2017
World Masters Games/Championships73.95545760747982578213927/04/2017
Qld Masters Championships 78.30555860757881608114127/08/2017
AWF & OWF Masters Championships & Pacific Rim & World Cup74.35565858767982587913727/10/2017
My Gym Club Competition78.5053565872757858781363/03/2018
Queensland Masters Championships78.10525661727578567813424/03/2018
Uesaka QLD Club Challenge and League Round 278.90545759747779597913823/06/2018

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events687%92%89%
Higher Events (National/International)367%78%72%
All Events (Overall)978%89%83%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-4kg - 8 events-6kg - 7 events
When missedN/A-4kg - 1 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ81F90QLDMast 40-4427/Aug/2017Current Record
SNATCH60F90QLDMast 40-4427/Aug/2017Current Record
TOTAL141F90QLDMast 40-4427/Aug/2017Current Record
TOTAL136F90QLDMast 45-4903/Mar/2018Broken by Robyn Morgan
SNATCH58F90QLDMast 45-4903/Mar/2018Broken by Robyn Morgan
CJ78F90QLDMast 45-4903/Mar/2018Broken by Robyn Morgan
SNATCH56F90AWFMast 45-4924/Mar/2018Current Record
TOTAL134F90AWFMast 45-4924/Mar/2018Current Record
CJ78F90AWFMast 45-4924/Mar/2018Current Record
TOTAL138F90QLDMast 45-4923/Jun/2018Current Record
SNATCH59F90QLDMast 45-4923/Jun/2018Current Record
CJ79F90QLDMast 45-4923/Jun/2018Current Record