Lifter's Name Monika Endres Gender F
Club Geelong Weightlifting Club State VIC
Coach Michael Torriero
Age Group Mast 40-44 Weightlifting Age 43 (Born 1975)

Personal Bests


Competition History

VWA Open incl Masters GP 452.05486311117/09/2016169.901C. I
HWC Alby Dutton & Bill Keir Memorial incl Masters GP 552.154765(+1) 11215/10/2016171.164C. I
VWA Open incl Masters GP152.50(+6) 54(+3) 68(+10) 12211/02/2017180.627B. II
World Masters Games/Championships51.76546411826/04/2017176.540C. I
VWA Open incl Masters GP352.285370(+1) 12324/06/2017182.669B. II
VWA Open49.31516611729/07/2017181.588C. I
Victorian Masters Championships incl Masters GP451.18(+1) 55(+1) 71(+3) 12619/08/2017190.096B. II
AWF & OWF Masters Championships & Pacific Rim & World Cup52.20536812127/10/2017179.900B. II
Victorian Masters Championships incl GP 154.78(+1) 56(+-1) 7012617/02/2018180.954C. I
VWA Open53.005672(+2) 12810/03/2018188.209B. I
Geelong Youth GP 254.20556812325/03/2018177.977C. I
Geelong Open & Youth GP 352.92(+1) 57(+-5) 6712421/04/2018182.527B. II
Australian & Oceania Masters Championships52.69567112725/05/2018187.536B. II
Victorian Senior & Junior Championships52.50(+1) 58(+-72) 0014/07/20180.000

Competition Attempts

VWA Open incl Masters GP 452.05454548606366486311117/09/2016
HWC Alby Dutton & Bill Keir Memorial incl Masters GP 552.15474751606568476511215/10/2016
VWA Open incl Masters GP152.50455054656871546812211/02/2017
World Masters Games/Championships51.76485254647071546411826/04/2017
VWA Open incl Masters GP352.28505356657074537012324/06/2017
VWA Open49.31454851606366516611729/07/2017
Victorian Masters Championships incl Masters GP451.18505055667174557112619/08/2017
AWF & OWF Masters Championships & Pacific Rim & World Cup52.20505356687272536812127/10/2017
Victorian Masters Championships incl GP 154.78515456667073567012617/02/2018
VWA Open53.00535658677275567212810/03/2018
Geelong Youth GP 254.20555555687171556812325/03/2018
Geelong Open & Youth GP 352.92545657677070576712421/04/2018
Australian & Oceania Masters Championships52.69545656687171567112725/05/2018
Victorian Senior & Junior Championships52.50555758707070580014/07/2018

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1169%58%64%
Higher Events (National/International)378%44%61%
All Events (Overall)1471%55%63%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-4kg - 10 events-4kg - 12 events
When missed-2kg - 3 events-2kg - 1 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ63F53VICMast 40-4417/Sep/2016Broken by Monika Endres
SNATCH48F53VICMast 40-4417/Sep/2016Broken by Monika Endres
TOTAL111F53VICMast 40-4417/Sep/2016Broken by Monika Endres
TOTAL112F53VICMast 40-4415/Oct/2016Broken by Monika Endres
CJ65F53VICMast 40-4415/Oct/2016Broken by Monika Endres
CJ68F53VICMast 40-4411/Feb/2017Broken by Monika Endres
SNATCH54F53VICMast 40-4411/Feb/2017Broken by Monika Endres
TOTAL122F53VICMast 40-4411/Feb/2017Broken by Monika Endres
TOTAL123F53VICMast 40-4424/Jun/2017Broken by Monika Endres
CJ70F53VICMast 40-4424/Jun/2017Broken by Monika Endres
CJ71F53VICMast 40-4419/Aug/2017Current Record
TOTAL126F53VICMast 40-4419/Aug/2017Broken by Monika Endres
SNATCH55F53VICMast 40-4419/Aug/2017Broken by Monika Endres
SNATCH56F58VICMast 40-4417/Feb/2018Current Record
CJ70F58VICMast 40-4417/Feb/2018Current Record
TOTAL126F58VICMast 40-4417/Feb/2018Current Record
TOTAL127F53VICMast 40-4425/May/2018Current Record
SNATCH56F53AWFMast 40-4425/May/2018Current Record
SNATCH56F53VICMast 40-4425/May/2018Broken by Monika Endres
SNATCH58F53VICMast 40-4414/Jul/2018Current Record