Lifter's Name Leora Yates Gender F
Club TG Strength State VIC
Coach Lester Ho
Age Group Mast 40-44 Weightlifting Age 42 (Born 1976)

Personal Bests


Competition History

VWA Open incl Masters GP378.46689015824/06/2017184.253B. II
Victorian Masters Championships incl Masters GP480.11(+3) 71(+1) 91(+4) 16219/08/2017187.155B. II
AWF & OWF Masters Championships & Pacific Rim & World Cup80.20(+2) 73(+2) 93(+4) 16627/10/2017191.680B. II
Victorian Masters Championships incl GP 182.21(+2) 75(+-3) 9016517/02/2018188.491B. II
Australian & Oceania Masters Championships81.70(+2) 77(+5) 98(+9) 17526/05/2018200.447B. I
Victorian Senior & Junior Championships81.50759517014/07/2018194.925B. I

Competition Attempts

VWA Open incl Masters GP378.46626568848890689015824/06/2017
Victorian Masters Championships incl Masters GP480.11656871869195719116219/08/2017
AWF & OWF Masters Championships & Pacific Rim & World Cup80.20697073909396739316627/10/2017
Victorian Masters Championships incl GP 182.21707375909090759016517/02/2018
Australian & Oceania Masters Championships81.707477809598100779817526/05/2018
Victorian Senior & Junior Championships81.507070759095100759517014/07/2018

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events487%56%75%
Higher Events (National/International)283%67%75%
All Events (Overall)689%61%75%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-2kg - 4 events-2kg - 4 events
When missed-7kg - 1 events-3kg - 1 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
SNATCH68F90VICMast 40-4424/Jun/2017Broken by Leora Yates
SNATCH68F90AWFMast 40-4424/Jun/2017Broken by Leora Yates
CJ90F90VICMast 40-4424/Jun/2017Broken by Leora Yates
CJ90F90AWFMast 40-4424/Jun/2017Broken by Leora Yates
TOTAL158F90VICMast 40-4424/Jun/2017Broken by Leora Yates
TOTAL158F90AWFMast 40-4424/Jun/2017Broken by Leora Yates
TOTAL162F90VICMast 40-4419/Aug/2017Broken by Leora Yates
CJ91F90VICMast 40-4419/Aug/2017Broken by Leora Yates
SNATCH71F90VICMast 40-4419/Aug/2017Broken by Leora Yates
SNATCH73F90AWFMast 40-4427/Oct/2017Broken by Leora Yates
SNATCH73F90VICMast 40-4427/Oct/2017Broken by Leora Yates
CJ93F90AWFMast 40-4427/Oct/2017Broken by Leora Yates
CJ93F90VICMast 40-4427/Oct/2017Broken by Leora Yates
TOTAL166F90AWFMast 40-4427/Oct/2017Broken by Leora Yates
TOTAL166F90VICMast 40-4427/Oct/2017Broken by Leora Yates
SNATCH75F90AWFMast 40-4417/Feb/2018Broken by Leora Yates
SNATCH75F90VICMast 40-4417/Feb/2018Broken by Leora Yates
SNATCH77F90AWFMast 40-4426/May/2018Current Record
SNATCH77F90VICMast 40-4426/May/2018Current Record
TOTAL175F90AWFMast 40-4426/May/2018Current Record
TOTAL175F90VICMast 40-4426/May/2018Current Record
CJ98F90AWFMast 40-4426/May/2018Current Record
CJ98F90VICMast 40-4426/May/2018Current Record