13 Jan International Friendship Competition AWFKeio
20 Jan January Club Open SAPremium PT
20 Jan HWC New Year Open VICVWA Stadium
20 Jan Ox Weightlifting Cub comp #1 WAAvada Fremantle
03 Feb Berserker Club Challenge Round 1 QLDNorth Mackay
03 Feb Bribie Island Club Challenge Round 1 QLDBribie Island
03 Feb Burleigh Club Challenge Round 1 QLDBurleigh
03 Feb Cougars Club Challenge Round 1 QLDCougars Weightlifting Club
03 Feb Dungeon Club Challenge Round 1 QLDCairns
03 Feb Fraser Coast Club Challenge Round 1 QLDPialba
03 Feb Ipswich Club Challenge Round 1 QLDIpswich
03 Feb JBC Club Challenge Round 1 QLDJimboomba
03 Feb MWC Club Challenge Round 1 QLDBowen Hills
03 Feb NBWA Club Challenge Round 1 QLD17 Nundah Street Nundah
03 Feb SCWC Club Challenge Round 1 QLDNambour
03 Feb Storm Club Challenge Round 1 QLDCooper Plains
03 Feb Thunder Club Challenge Round 1 QLDTownsville
03 Feb TWA Club Challenge Round 1 QLDToowoomba
03 Feb President's Cup Round 1 and State Masters Championship TASMornington
10 Feb Ralph Cashman Open Competition NSWQuaycentre
10 Feb February Club Open SAAthletic Compound
11 Feb WACT Open / Novice Competition ACTSFS Hume
20 Feb Tri-Nations Masters Tournament AWFAuckland
21 Feb Oceania Championships AWFAuckland
02 Mar 1st VWA Tournament - REGISTRATIONS CLOSED VICPhoenix
03 Mar Shred Barbell Open Competition - REGISTRATIONS CLOSED NSWShred Fitness
09 Mar Hills Barbell Open Competition - REGISTRATIONS OPEN NSWCleanshred
09 Mar TWA Club Competition QLDToowoomba
10 Mar NT State Competition - REGISTRATIONS OPEN NTCrossFit Darwin
10 Mar VWA Youth Training Camp VICPhoenix
10 Mar WWA 2024 Masters States + March Open - REGISTRATIONS CLOSED WABalcatta
16 Mar March Club Open - REGISTRATIONS OPEN SAPremium PT
22 Mar QWA School Age Championships QLDNambour
22 Mar QWA School Age Championships QLDNQ
23 Mar NSWWA Open Competition NSWQuaycentre
30 Mar Berserker Club Competition QLDNorth Mackay
30 Mar Kaya Barbel WAPort Kennedy
31 Mar IWF World Cup AWFPhuket
31 Mar Body Express/Southside Storm Challenge QLDHelensvale
07 Apr Alice Springs Club Competition NTAlice Spring Weightlifting Club
13 Apr NSWWA Jnr/U23 Championships + Open NSW Quaycentre
13 Apr QWA State Junior & U23 Championships QLDIpswich Weightlifting Club
13 Apr SAWLA Rodney Hutton Memorial Cup - REGISTRATIONS OPEN SAAthletic Compound
13 Apr PC Round 2 and State Junior + U23 Championships TASTBA
13 Apr 2024 Victorian Masters Championship - REGISTRATIONS OPEN VICAusFitness Expo
14 Apr WACT Open Competition ACTSFS Hume
14 Apr WWA 2024 Junior + U23 + April Open - REGISTRATIONS OPEN WABalcatta
26 Apr Origins Club Competition WAGuildford
03 May NSW Masters Championships NSWQuaycentre
03 May QWA State Masters in conjunction with NQ Games QLDCairns
04 May SAWLA State Masters Championships - REGISTRATIONS OPEN SAAthletic Compound
05 May Grizzlys Masters Cup WAMalaga
11 May Cougars DK Duo QLDCougars Weightlifting Club
11 May Dux Club Competition QLDKelvin Grove
19 May MMWH Open Competition NSWMMWH
19 May Club Comp - Come and Try NTTop End Strength Centre
22 May IWF Youth World Championships AWFLima
25 May Port Macquarie Open Competition NSWnXtLvL Functional Movement
25 May Burleigh Barbell Club Competition QLDBurleigh
25 May WWC Club Competition QLDMt Marlow
26 May Rev Open WABalcatta
01 Jun OWF International Elite Tournament AWFMelbourne
01 Jun Burleigh Club Challenge Round 2 QLDBurleigh
01 Jun Fraser Coast Club Challenge Round 2 QLDPialba
01 Jun Fraser Coast Club Competition QLDPialba
01 Jun Ipswich Club Challenge Round 2 QLDIpswich
01 Jun MWC Club Challenge Round 2 QLDBowen Hills
01 Jun Noosa Club Challenge Round 2 QLDNoosaville
01 Jun June Club Open - REGISTRATIONS OPEN SAAthletic Compound
02 Jun WACT Open Competition ACTSFS Hume
07 Jun Australian Junior & Under 23 Championships AWFBalcatta
07 Jun Athletica Club Challenge Round 2 QLDWalkuraka
07 Jun B4017 Club Challenge Round 2 QLDSandgate
07 Jun Berserker Club Challenge Round 2 QLDNorth Mackay
07 Jun Body Express Club Challenge Round 2 QLDHelensvale
07 Jun Bribie Island Club Challenge Round 2 QLDBribie Island
07 Jun Dungeon Club Challenge Round 2 QLDCairns
07 Jun Dux Club Challenge Round 2 QLDKelvin Grove
07 Jun Saints Club Challenge Round 2 QLDMiles
07 Jun Southside Club Challenge Round 2 QLDMeadowbrook
07 Jun Storm Club Challenge Round 2 QLDCooper Plains
07 Jun STWC Club Challenge Round 2 QLDGympie
07 Jun TWA Club Challenge Round 2 QLDToowoomba
07 Jun WWC Club Challenge Round 2 QLDMt Marlow
08 Jun Cougars Club Challenge Round 2 QLDCougars Weightlifting Club
08 Jun JBC Club Challenge Round 2 QLDJimboomba
08 Jun NBWA Club Challenge Round 2 QLD17 Nundah Street Nundah
08 Jun SCWC Club Challenge Round 2 QLDNambour
08 Jun Thunder Club Challenge Round 2 QLDTownsville
08 Jun Origins Inter-Club Comp WAMalaga
15 Jun 2nd VWA Tournament VICPhoenix
16 Jun Bathurst Open Competition NSWBXSC
19 Jun AWF, OWF Masters Championships & UMWF World Cup - REGISTRATIONS OPEN AWFGold Coast
29 Jun Burwood HP Open Competition NSWNSWWWA HP Gym
29 Jun PC Round 3, Chris Chugg Memorial and State Senior Championships TASMornington
12 Jul NSW Senior Championships NSWQuaycentre
12 Jul QWA State Seniors QLDMilton Weightlifting Club - Bowen Hills
13 Jul SAWLA State Championships SAAthletic Compound
14 Jul WACT Open / Novice Competition ACTSFS Hume
14 Jul Geelong Open 2 VICThe Strength Academy
14 Jul WWA 2024 Senior States + July Open WABalcatta
20 Jul Hills Barbell Open Competition NSWClean Shred
26 Jul Paris 2024 Olympic Games AWFParis
28 Jul Alice Springs NT Titles NTAlice Spring Weightlifting Club
03 Aug Memorial Open Competition NSWQuaycentre
03 Aug SCWC Team Challenge QLDNambour
03 Aug August Club Open SAPremium PT
24 Aug NSWWA U15/Yth Championships + Open NSW Urban Base Fitness
24 Aug QWA State U13/U15 & Youth Championships QLDFraser Coast Weightlifting Club Inc. Pialba
25 Aug WACT Open Competition ACTSFS Hume
25 Aug WWA 2024 State U15 + Youth + August Open WABalcatta
31 Aug Australian Senior Championships AWFSydney
05 Sep IMWA Masters World Championships AWFRovaniemi
07 Sep Cougars Club competition QLDCougars Weightlifting Club
07 Sep Saints Club Competition QLDMiles
07 Sep WWC Club Competition QLDMt Marlow
07 Sep September Club Open SAPremium PT
07 Sep PC Round 4, Cliff Joyce and State Youth + U15 Championships TASTBA
07 Sep 3rd VWA Tournament VICHawthorn
07 Sep Olympifit WAShoalwater
14 Sep Berserker Club Competition QLDNorth Mackay
14 Sep SMA Inter-Club Comp WAMalaga
15 Sep WACT State Titles ACTSFS Hume
15 Sep Marrickville Open Competition NSWMarrickville Weightlifting Club
17 Sep Commonwealth Championships AWFSuva
19 Sep IWF Junior World Championships AWFLeon
22 Sep Body Express/Southside Storm Challenge QLDCooper Plains
23 Sep UMWA Masters World Championships AWFSuva
04 Oct VWA Junior Training Camp VICDromana
06 Oct Uplift Gym Open Competition NSWUplift Gym
06 Oct Geelong Open 3 VICThe Strength Academy
06 Oct Grizzlys Masters Classic WAMalaga
12 Oct AusFitness Expo Invitational NSWICC Sydney
18 Oct Australian Under 15 & Youth Championships AWFHobart
19 Oct October Club Open SAAthletic Compound
26 Oct Joe Hensel Open Competition NSWMontage
26 Oct 2024 Victorian Senior/Junior/Youth Championship VICVWA Stadium
26 Oct OX WLC Club Comp #1 WAO'Connor
01 Nov Athletica Club Challenge Round 3 QLDWalkuraka
01 Nov B4017 Club Challenge Round 3 QLDSandgate
01 Nov Berserker Club Challenge Round 3 QLDNorth Mackay
01 Nov Body Express Club Challenge Round 3 QLDHelensvale
01 Nov Bribie Island Club Challenge Round 3 QLDBribie Island
01 Nov Burleigh Club Challenge Round 3 QLDBurleigh
01 Nov Dungeon Club Challenge Round 3 QLDCairns
01 Nov Fraser Coast Club Challenge Round 3 QLDPialba
01 Nov Ipswich Club Challenge Round 3 QLDIpswich
01 Nov JBC Club Challenge Round 3 QLDJimboomba
01 Nov MWC Club Challenge Round 3 QLDBowen Hills
01 Nov Noosa Club Challenge Round 3 QLDNoosaville
01 Nov Saints Club Challenge Round 3 QLDMiles
01 Nov SCWC Club Challenge Round 3 QLDNambour
01 Nov Southside Club Challenge Round 3 QLDMeadowbrook
01 Nov Storm Club Challenge Round 3 QLDCooper Plains
01 Nov STWC Club Challenge Round 3 QLDGympie
01 Nov Thunder Club Challenge Round 3 QLDTownsville
01 Nov TWA Club Challenge Round 3 QLDToowoomba
01 Nov WWC Club Challenge Round 3 QLDMt Marlow
01 Nov REV Invitational WABalcatta
02 Nov Coffs Harbour Open Competition NSWSix Feat
02 Nov Cougars Club Challenge Round 3 QLDCougars Weightlifting Club
02 Nov NBWA Club Challenge Round 3 QLD17 Nundah Street Nundah
02 Nov 2024 Victorian Schools Championship VICTBA
03 Nov MMWH Masters Madness + Open Competition NSWMMWH
09 Nov Dux Club Competition QLDKelvin Grove
09 Nov Ian Laurie Cup Invitational Tournament VICTBA
16 Nov UBF Open Competition NSWUrban Base Fitness
16 Nov November Club Open SAPremium PT
16 Nov 4th VWA Tournament VICTBA
23 Nov WACT Club Championships ACTSFS Hume
23 Nov President's Cup Final TASMornington
24 Nov End Of Year Competition NTCrossfit Darwin
01 Dec Shred Barbell Open Competition NSWShred Fitness
04 Dec IWF World Championships AWFManama
07 Dec Cougars Cup QLDCougars Weightlifting Club
07 Dec MWC Xmas Competition QLDBowen Hills
07 Dec Saints Xmas Competition QLDMiles
07 Dec The Lawrie NBWA QLD17 Nundah Street Nundah
07 Dec TWA Xmas Competition QLDToowoomba
07 Dec WWC Xmas Competition QLDMt Marlow
07 Dec HWC Championship VICVWA Stadium
08 Dec WWA 2024 End of Year Open + School Sport WABalcatta
14 Dec Burleigh Barbell Xmas Competition QLDBurleigh
14 Dec SAWLA Christmas Lift Off SAAthletic Compound
14 Dec VWA Open Training Camp VICTBA
21 Dec Phoenix Xmas Tournament VICPhoenix