CWF - New Bodyweights - Records and Record Standards

Sep 11 2018

Dear Colleagues.

You will, of course, all be aware that the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) is changing the bodyweight categories for our sport as of
01 November 2018.

This necessitates the setting of standards for the establishment of Commonwealth records in these new categories. After a considerable amount of research I submitted to our esteemed General Secretary Paul Coffa my proposals for these. Paul has circulated my proposal to the CWF Executive Board. He has advised that he has received no objections within the time frame and in fact there was a number of Executive Members who were very pleased with the new standards. Consequently, please find attached a list showing the standards that must be reached for the recognition of Commonwealth records in all age and weight categories. Feats claimed as Commonwealth records from 01 November 2018 must equal or exceed these standards.

Of course, the policy adopted by the London 2012 CWF Congress regarding other requirements for accepting Commonwealth record claims remains in place. For your convenience I also attach a copy of this policy. I will continue to monitor the official results of all IWF calendar events, where the achievement of the policy requirements is assured. For other events it is your responsibility to promptly supply me with all detailed required information so that I can validate that the claimed feat meets all requirements.

For your information I also attach an updated list of the current Commonwealth records.

In early November I will circulate the 2018 Commonwealth rankings for all current weight categories, compiled from results achieved from 01 January to 31 October. Given that only two months will elapse in 2018 with the new categories in force internationally, I plan to add any performances in the last two months of 2018 to the normal 2019 rankings.

Kindest regards,

Michael Noonan
Commonwealth Weightlifting Federation
47 Saltley Street,
Spotswood Vic 3015

Commonwealth Records as at 6th August 2018
Commonwealth Record Standards
Commonwealth Record Validation