2018 December Information Circular

Dec 05 2018

Dear State Members,

Following is a summary of decisions made by the AWF Board of Directors (BOD) at its meeting on 30 November 2018, and other pertinent information. Please distribute this circular to your members.

Change of CEO and point of contact

Mike Keelan and Ian Moir will work together through the next short period to finalise the transition. From today, 3 December 2018, Ian Moir assumes operational responsibility in the position of AWF CEO and he is now the initial point of contact for the AWF.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • A new phone number will soon be established, but in the meantime, Ian Moir can be contacted on 0417 744 981.

New AWF Office and postal address

The new location of the AWF Office is Level 2, Anna Meares Velodrome, Sleeman Sports Complex, 1763 Old Cleveland Road, Chandler QLD.

The new postal address of the AWF:
Australian Weightlifting Federation Ltd
Mailbox 3
C/- Sleeman Sports Complex
1763 Old Cleveland Road
Chandler QLD 4155

Appointment of AWF Director

Angela Wydall has been appointed as a Director of the AWF. The full Board is as follows: Sam Coffa (President); Deborah Acason; Lyn Jones; Phil Maunder; Charles Quagliata; Pedro Sanchez; Angela Wydall.

Formation of Commissions

The BOD has determined to establish Commissions, each consisting of a small number of people with relevant expertise, to provide advice and support to the BOD and AWF staff. Following is an initial list of functional areas to be covered by Commissions:

  • High Performance
  • Finance & Audit
  • Coaching
  • Athlete Advisory
  • Anti-Doping
  • Coach Education Program
  • Marketing, Sponsorship and Promotion
  • Medical
  • Team Selections
  • Technical

AWF Directors will seek to identify people to serve on Commissions and State Members are also invited to make recommendations in this regard.

Grading and Qualification Standards

The attached Grading and Minimum Qualification Standards will apply for 2019. These standards will be reviewed during the year and revised for 2020.

2019 Australian Open Tournament

The 2019 Australian Open will be wholly managed by an AWF Organising Committee led by Phil Maunder. It is envisaged that the Australian Open can be built into a mass-participation event, growing in stature year by year.

Arafura Games

The AWF is liaising with the IWF and the Arafura Games organisers to register the 2019 Arafura Games Weightlifting Competition as a Bronze event in the IWF Tokyo 2020 Olympic Qualification System.

EGAT Cup – Thailand

The Thai Amateur Weightlifting Association has indicated that it will welcome Australia’s participation in the EGAT’s Cup, a Tokyo 2020 Qualification event being held at Chiang Mai, Thailand on 7 – 10 February 2019 . The AWF will select athletes to compete in this event and apply a subsidy of $1,000 to each athlete in the Team. A Coach/Manager will be selected and fully funded by the AWF.

To be eligible to be selected by the AWF for the 2019 EGAT’s Cup, athletes must:

  • be an Australian citizen and possess, or be able to obtain an Australian passport;
  • have correctly filed their whereabouts information in ADAMS for the period 7 Dec 2018 to 10 February 2019;
  • have achieved a minimum B Grade Total according to the attached AWF 2019 Grading and Qualifying Standards between 7 September 2018 and 5 January 2019.


Category 55 61 67 73 81 89 96 102 109 109+
B Grade 226 243 259 272 288 301 311 318 325 350


Category 45 49 55 59 64 71 76 81 87 87+
B Grade 144 155 170 179 188 200 206 212 218 231

Please also note:

  • entry is limited to a maximum of two athletes per bodyweight category per nation; and a maximum of 10 male and 10 female athletes;
  • the final acceptance of entries is at the discretion of the Thai Amateur Weightlifting Association.

Expressions of Interest will soon be sent to eligible athletes and coaches.

2018 Pacific Cup

The following AWF Team will participate in the 2019 Pacific Cup, being held at Monte Dore, New Caledonia on 15 December 2018

Full Announcement - Here

Sinclair Formula and Robi Points

The AWF will continue to use the Sinclair Formula to determine Best Athlete awards at AWF events and for other purposes as appropriate.

ADAMS and Athlete Whereabouts Information

ADAMS is the Anti-Doping Administration and Management System used by WADA, Regional Anti-Doping Authorities, National Anti-Doping Authorities including ASADA; and International Sports Federations including the IWF.

All entrants in an IWF World Championship (Senior, Junior, Youth) must have provided their athlete whereabouts information in ADAMS for at least three (3) months prior to the event.

All entrants in IWF Events other than the IWF World Senior Championships must have provided their athlete whereabouts information in ADAMS for at least two (2) months prior to the event.

Any athlete who believes that they have the potential to compete in an IWF Event and who is not yet registered in ADAMS must complete the attached form and return it to [email protected] as soon as possible. A passport-style photograph and copy of the athlete’s Australian passport must be included in the form. The form must carry the athlete’s actual signature. Typing the athlete’s name on the form in lieu of a signature is not acceptable.

For more information see: and

International Technical Official Nominations

National Federations are permitted to nominate a maximum of one male T.O. and one female T.O. for each IWF Championship event.

The following IWF Category 1 Technical Officials have been nominated to the IWF for events in 2019:

  • Youth World Championships: Pedro Sanchez; Mary Macken
  • Junior World Championships: Phil Maunder; Danielle Waller
  • World Championships: Lyn Jones; Jenny Sanchez

IWF Coach Developer Program

The AWF was invited to nominate female candidates for the IWF Coach Developer Program (Train the Trainer). The nominations of Erin Haff and Angela Wydall were endorsed.

Any more questions?

For more information about any of the above, please contact Ian Moir at [email protected]