2020 Eleiko Email International Lifters Tournament Regulations

Apr 14 2020

Dear Friends,

First of all let me  wish you and your family a very Happy Easter and at the same time good health during this dreadful period that the world is experiencing with Coronavirus. 

I know that almost every weightlifting club, institute and academy in Australia are now closed.  For how long, no-one knows at this stage.  However I am aware that many of the lifters are now training at home whether it be in their garage, shed, backyard,  etc.   

Therefore to keep the momentum going, the OWF has decided to cancel the Eleiko Email International Club tournament this year which is normally scheduled for July and  in conjunction with the Eleiko company,  will substitute it with the Eleiko Email International Lifters Tournament.  

The tournament will be held on the 24th – 25th July.  The 24th being the date of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games had they been held this year. The entries are to be submitted on line during those two days. 

You will find the regulations and entry form of this tournament on the OWF website -

The slogan of this event is ‘Keep the Dream Alive’.  In other words we encourage lifters to continue training, the best way they can.

Kindest regards,
Paul Coffa MBE
General Secretary
Oceania Weightlifting Federation
Commonwealth Weightlifting Federation

2020 Eleiko Email International Lifters Tournament Regulations