Apr 24 2020

Dear National Masters Chair,

With a heavy heart and responsibility towards each and everyone the IWF Masters Executive Board and active Co-opted Members decided to cancel the 2020 IWF MASTERS World Championship in Orlando and to offer to the USA Masters committee to host the event in 2022, which was thankfully received by the USA Masters committee under Michael Cohen. Already a new date with the same location in Orlando - USA has been given:

New date: 18 - 27 August 2022. The decision has been made without Congress vote, as this will not be possible until our next Congress in Kansai in 2021. We feel that the USA is entitled for a new fair chance.

Reasons for 2020 cancellation:    Regarding the first date 28 August to 5 September 2020:

  • US embassies have suspended routine consular services, only for US citizen there is access.
    • No visa procedure possible
  • International flights cannot be booked in general
  • The current uncertainty makes athletes hesitate because of salary and annual holiday cut
  • Still for most no proper training possible.     
  • Continental Masters Championships postponed dates are all around the USA Masters B-Plan proposed date:

New dates of postponed Continental Masters Championships:

  •  Oceania Masters: 05- 07 June 2020, postponed but no new date yet
  •  Pan Am Masters: 08 - 11 October 2020
  •  European Masters: 28 Nov. - 05 December 2020

In fact we cannot call it an IWF Masters World Championship with the big risk to end up with less than 30 % of international athletes

Daily emails from National Masters Chairs and athletes wondering when, if and why etc...

The decision had to be made already now, end of April 2020, in order to avoid to create huge financial loss (which we are already facing) both for the 2020 organiser and for the IWF Masters.

We kindly ask you to inform all Masters athletes and publish the news accordingly.

Again I need to emphasize that this decision was a very tough one.

UPDATE: We hope that the 2021 WMG and IWF Masters World Championship will take place as scheduled and by then major sport events will be able to run smoothly and safe.

Safety regulations will be enforced on athletes and organisers. With this in mind a possibility of more championship days could be needed if only a certain number of athletes can compete per session. Complete new re-organisation of  sessions etc..

Electoral Congress will be held in Kansai in 2021.

Right now anything is possible. Let's hope that we are able to enjoy at least the 2020 National and Continental Masters events.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Denise Offermann