iSO LIFT Virtual Weightlifting Tournament

May 01 2020

iSO LIFT provides the opportunity for AWF members to compete in a national tournament from home. Participants simply record their weigh-in and lifts, then register and upload the videos at the iSO LIFT page on the AWF website. 

Medals will be awarded for the top three performances in the following age groups: Under 15 Male, U15 Female; Youth Male, Youth Female; Junior Male, Junior Female; Open Male, Open Female; Masters Male, Masters Female. The competition ranking will be based on the Sinclair Formula. The Meltzer-Faber age formula will also be applied in the Masters age group. 

Competition date: 1st May – 31st May 2020 

Entry fee: $10 per participant. 

Competition Format 

  • Participants submit one Snatch attempt and one Clean & Jerk attempt. 

  • No more than 40 minutes is allowed between the submitted Snatch attempt and the submitted Clean & Jerk attempt. 

  • Submitted attempts will be judged according to the IWF Technical and Competition Rules & Regulations, Section 2.5: Incorrect Movements; and Section 2.6: Incomplete Movements and Positions. IWF RULES . 

  • To complete an attempt, lifters must achieve a motionless position with the barbell overhead, arms and legs fully extended, with their feet and the barbell in line and parallel to the plane of the trunk, before replacing the barbell on the platform. 

  • In the case of a tie, the lifter who submitted their entry first is classified first. 


  • Lifters must weigh-in no more than 2 hours before their snatch attempt. 

  • Scales must measure the lifter’s bodyweight in kilograms and display the weight clearly. 

  • Lifters should wear a regulation lifting suit or training attire when weighing-in. 

  • The video of the weigh-in must clearly show the identity of the lifter on the scale and the displayed weight. 


  • Lifters can wear a regulation lifting suit or regular training attire. Elbows must not be covered. 

  • If the lifter cannot fully extend an elbow, before starting the lift they must show their full extension to the camera first, and then lift. 

  • Pulling straps are not allowed. 

  • Participants must be a current financial member of the AWF and their respective state association. 

  • Participants must submit all required information on the iSO LIFT entry page 

  • All lifters are expected to be honest and compete with integrity, and to respect their fellow athletes when submitting their iSO LIFT entry. 

  • Videos must be taken 400cm from the lifter’s start position and must show the whole lifter and the whole barbell throughout the lift, from start to finish. 

  • The camera must be placed directly in front of the lifter and raised i.e. videos filmed from the ground or from the side will not be accepted. 

  • Video lift submissions must keep the whole athlete and the whole barbell in view at all times while performing the lift. 

  • Submitted lift videos must show both ends of the loaded barbell before the attempt and the lifter or camera operator must verbally confirm the weight of the barbell in kilograms. 

  • Each video may take a few minutes to upload, depending on your connection speed. 

Click here for a tutorial on how to enter iSO LIFT