COVID Safety Plans

May 13 2020

Dear Members

While there’s been much talk about the Post-COVID world and a “new normal”, one thing for sure is that when Weightlifting gyms come back online it will be the responsibility of all users to make cleanliness and hygiene a high priority. The AWF has drafted COVID Safe Plans that States and Clubs can adopt and implement to help stop the spread of COVID-19. These plans and other resources are now available from State and Territory Weightlifting Associations.

Government authorities in the Northern Territory and Western Australia are permitting gyms to reopen within the next week, Queensland and Tasmania are scheduled to follow suit in mid-June and hopefully it won’t be too much longer before all States allow lifters to get back into their regular training environment and start preparing to compete once again. Many State and Club competitions were cancelled this year, so the AWF will relax the usual National Calendar regulations and invite State and Territory Associations to schedule new competitions to replace those that were lost to the coronavirus in 2020. Clubs can request changes to existing competition dates and additions to the calendar via their State or Territory Association.

Ian Moir