Samoa and Nauru hold the keys to Australia’s progress in the Oceania League

Sep 29 2020

Australia meets the Pacific 2 Team this weekend in Round 4 of the Oceania International League and as important as it is for the Aussies to bring their A Game to every match, their destiny may lie in the hands of others.

Australia currently sits in fourth place on the League Ladder, but if Samoa defeats New Zealand AND Nauru defeats Kiribati AND Australia wins by a good margin this weekend, that fourth place would quickly change to second, as the Oceania League competition nears the half-way mark.

Of course, even if the cards fall the Aussies' way and they jump ahead two places this week, holding that ground won’t be easy. The next crucial match will come in Round 6 at the end of November, when Australia and New Zealand go head-to-head. The sporting rivalry between these two nations is legendary and neither will want to give way to the other in what will be a decisive round.