Lawrence Townsend Appointed to IWF Anti-Doping Commission

Oct 08 2020

The International Weightlifting Federation has confirmed the appointment of Australian Lawrence (Lawrie) Townsend to the newly reformed IWF Anti-Doping Commission.

Following the publication of the outcomes of the McLaren Independent Weightlifting Investigation the IWF Executive Board initiated a process of structural reform that included a review of the IWF’s standing anti-doping commissions conducted by the International Testing Agency (ITA), with the aim of marking a new beginning and reinforcing the governance, independence and overall efficiency of the IWF’s anti-doping efforts.

The stated intent and desire of the IWF Executive Board is to achieve external and independent scrutiny in all the IWF’s anti-doping efforts, in a bid to restore full trust and credibility in the Federation and the sport. Accordingly, the IWF Executive Board formally mandated the ITA to conduct an independent review and assessment of all anti-doping commissions, including revising their governance, mission, composition and terms of reference, as well as proposing new members to be appointed to the commissions.

In a letter notifying Lawrie Townsend of his appointment, IWF Interim President Ursula Gaza Papandrea wrote:

“The ITA has endorsed your nomination as a Member of the Anti-Doping Commission (“ADC”) in light of your expert skills, in-depth knowledge.

The IWF Executive Board seconded the ITA’s nomination and approved your appointment with great honor. We believe that your involvement with the ADC will highly contribute to the credibility of the IWF program.”

The Australian Weightlifting Federation congratulates Lawrie on his appointment and supports the IWF in its efforts to achieve a clean sport.