DRAFT TO Roster - 2016 OLITEK Australian Masters Championships

Apr 27 2016

Dear Technical Officials,

Thank you again for submitting your expression of interest to take on TO duties at the forthcoming OLITEK Australian Masters Weightlifting Championships taking place in Hobart, Tasmania during the period 3-4-5 June, 2016.

In accordance with your availability I have assigned you to duties detailed in the attachment containing the DRAFT roster. Please reply via email [email protected] confirming your availability and willingness to take on roles within the respective session/s.

Alternatively, should your personal circumstances have changed and you are no longer available to take on the assigned role/s please let me know. I respectfully request that your reply is received by this office no later than Monday 2nd May, 2016.

Best regards,
Michael Keelan

TO Roster_2016 Olitek Masters Championships_270416.pdf