Nov 21 2016

Good afternoon,

Please refer to the attachment containing the AWF Board Approved 2017 Events Calendar, qualifying standards and qualifying periods.

The purpose of the 2017-2018 AWF Grading Scale contained within the attachment is to provide a matrix that can be used in clubs, states and nationally as a performance pathway for all athletes.

The revised scale addresses concerns raised regarding the large gaps that previously existed between grading levels by providing smaller, achievable increments to encourage and support athlete progression through the pathway.

The 2017-2018 AWF Grading Scale provides greater flexibility in terms of funding provision for senior international representation. The allocation of funding on a percentage basis according to the grading level achieved, provides additional motivation for athletes to attain Elite standard.

The introduction of the current Elite standard (previously referred to as Senior grade) in 2016 saw a greater average increase to the women’s totals when compared to the men’s. In order to address the trickle-down effect that this would have on participation rates at national senior and junior events, and reduce the disparity between genders, the qualifying standards for these events have been set at different levels for male and female athletes. This continues the AWF’s push for gender parity across all areas of our sport, consistent with the international sporting movement.

The AWF Board acknowledges the time and efforts contributed by the AWF High Performance Program Panel (HPPP) members - Jacquie White, Lyn Jones, Greg Haff and Leo Isaac, in taking on the difficult task of developing the Grading Scale which was after lengthy consideration approved for circulation by the Board.

Michael Keelan

2017 AWF Calendar and Qualifying Periods and Standards