2016 ZKC Email International Club Tournament

May 03 2016

Dear Friends, The 2016 ZKC Email International Club Tournament is on again. June 28th, 29th, 30th . Attached please find the regulations on the tournament. I hope that Your Club will take the opportunity to participate. This year, similar to last year, we have decided to give to the winning clubs male and female, 2 sets of ZKC weights each. This tournament has become very popular now and we want to reward the winning clubs with an additional set of weights. Again I look forward to see your clubs participating in this event. Kindest regards, Paul Coffa MBE General Secretary Oceania Weightlifting Federation 2016 ZKC Email International Club Weightlifting Tournament.pdf

OBITUARY - Daryl Cohen

The AWF is saddened to learn of the recent passing of a distinguished past Australian and Victorian Weightlifter, Mr Daryl Cohen.

Daryl died on 04 March 2016, regretfully the AWF office did not become aware of this until Michael Noonan respectfully forwarded a copy of the attached obituary that appeared recently in THE AGE newspaper.

2016 AWF Hall of Fame

The purpose of the AWF’s Hall of Fame is to provide the ultimate peer-recognition by the Australian           weightlifting community to the greatest performers and achievers in weightlifting, whether they be athletes, coaches, administrators, founders or other contributors who have had significant             impact on the development and conduct of weightlifting in Australia.


Please refer to the attachments providing details of how any AWF Member may nominate a  person to be considered for induction into the AWF’s Hall of Fame in the category of Member – Athlete, OR, Member – Builder.

EOI - Masters Technical Officiating Duties

Please refer to the attachment containing the referee availability e-form for those who may consider taking up duties at the 2016 OLITEK Australian Masters Weightlifting Championships (incorporating the OWF Masters Championships and inaugural Pacific Rim Masters Tournament), taking place in Hobart, Tasmania during the period 3rd – 5th June, 2016.