Club Grizzly's Weightlifting Club Gender M
Age Group Senior Weightlifting Age 29 (Born 1990)
Coach Brendan Kennedy

State WA

Personal Bests


Competition History

GP #3 + Junior Shield #2 QE U15/Youth & Junior109.85608414426/08/2012155.013UNGRADED
Jack Walls Classic104.75608214228/10/2012155.317UNGRADED
WWA State League 1 / Jr Shield 1103.70(+5) 65(+1) 85(+6) 15024/02/2013164.655UNGRADED
Australian Club Championships102.206590(+5) 15524/03/2013171.047UNGRADED
WWA June Open105.20(+3) 68(+6) 96(+9) 16419/06/2013179.111K
WWA August Open104.45(+2) 70(+-1) 95(+1) 1654/08/2013180.655K
WWA November Open102.85(+2) 72(+-1) 95(+2) 1673/11/2013183.862K
State League I / Jr Shield I / Masters League I107.7070921629/02/2014175.516K
AWF Clubs Tournament103.05(+1) 73(+4) 100(+6) 1735/04/2014190.333K
State League II / Jr Shield II / Masters League II108.107110117218/05/2014186.121K
State U15/Youth Championships / State League III / Masters League III109.45(+10) 83(+-1) 100(+10) 18327/07/2014197.226K
WWA State Masters & J/S Open112.3078901681/03/2015179.610UNGRADED
Grizzly's Club Competition116.400100024/05/20150.000UNGRADED
Pythons Club Competition113.008010018027/09/2015192.080K

Competition Attempts

GP #3 + Junior Shield #2 QE U15/Youth & Junior109.85606064758084608414426/08/2012
Jack Walls Classic104.75606067828287608214228/10/2012
WWA State League 1 / Jr Shield 1103.70586265858590658515024/02/2013
Australian Club Championships102.20606570909090659015524/03/2013
WWA June Open105.206871719296100689616419/06/2013
WWA August Open104.457070739510010070951654/08/2013
WWA November Open102.85687275959510072951673/11/2013
State League I / Jr Shield I / Masters League I107.70707577929710070921629/02/2014
AWF Clubs Tournament103.057073759696100731001735/04/2014
State League II / Jr Shield II / Masters League II108.10717474971011067110117218/05/2014
State U15/Youth Championships / State League III / Masters League III109.457580831001061068310018327/07/2014
WWA State Masters & J/S Open112.307578819010010078901681/03/2015
Grizzly's Club Competition116.407575771001051100100024/05/2015
Pythons Club Competition113.00707580951001058010018027/09/2015

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1252%50%51%
Higher Events (National/International)267%50%58%
All Events (Overall)1457%48%52%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-3kg - 10 events-3kg - 8 events
When missed-2kg - 3 events0kg - 5 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
SNATCH60M105WAU2328/Oct/2012Broken by James Christensen
TOTAL142M105WAU2328/Oct/2012Broken by James Christensen
TOTAL165M105AWFU2304/Aug/2013Broken by Julio Melo
TOTAL165M105WAU2304/Aug/2013Broken by James Christensen
SNATCH70M105AWFU2304/Aug/2013Broken by Brandon Pritchard
SNATCH70M105WAU2304/Aug/2013Current Record
CJ95M105AWFU2304/Aug/2013Broken by Julio Melo
CJ95M105WAU2304/Aug/2013Broken by Malachi Faamausili-Fala