Club --- Gender F
Age Group Mast 40-44 Weightlifting Age 42 (Born 1977)
Coach Miles Wydall

State QLD

Personal Bests


Competition History

‘Mike Keelan Shield’ Competition59.30537512821/12/2013174.249H
QWA League Round 1 & Masters League Round 157.60(+4) 57(+0) 75(+4) 13216/02/2014183.166G
Qld Masters Championships57.90(+4) 61(+1) 76(+5) 1373/05/2014189.446G
Olitek National Masters Championships57.426078(+1) 13814/06/2014191.892G
QWA League Round 3 & Masters League Round 359.05(+2) 63(+3) 81(+6) 14429/06/2014196.567G
Qld Senior & Junior Championships60.2556821384/10/2014185.954G
Olitek National Sen/Jun Championships57.95607913928/11/2014192.102F
Uesaka Barbell Australia QWA League Round 2 & Masters League Round 257.65537112416/05/2015171.964H
Olitek Oceania & Australian Masters Championships56.6060761366/06/2015190.955G
AlphaFit Qld Senior & Junior Championships57.55(+3) 66(+-5) 7714327/06/2015198.544F
World Masters Cup58.876682(+4) 1489/08/2015202.431F
Olitek Australian Jun/Sen Championships57.85607513528/08/2015186.789G
Eleiko AWF Club Challenge Final59.75627814025/10/2015189.657G

Competition Attempts

‘Mike Keelan Shield’ Competition59.30455053657075537512821/12/2013
QWA League Round 1 & Masters League Round 157.60505557707578577513216/02/2014
Qld Masters Championships57.9057606172767961761373/05/2014
Olitek National Masters Championships57.42576062747880607813814/06/2014
QWA League Round 3 & Masters League Round 359.05586163767981638114429/06/2014
Qld Senior & Junior Championships60.2556606075808256821384/10/2014
Olitek National Sen/Jun Championships57.95555860767980607913928/11/2014
Uesaka Barbell Australia QWA League Round 2 & Masters League Round 257.65505356656871537112416/05/2015
Olitek Oceania & Australian Masters Championships56.6057606174767760761366/06/2015
AlphaFit Qld Senior & Junior Championships57.55606366778181667714327/06/2015
World Masters Cup58.8762666979828466821489/08/2015
Olitek Australian Jun/Sen Championships57.85606363757575607513528/08/2015
Eleiko AWF Club Challenge Final59.75606062737678627814025/10/2015

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events784%71%79%
Higher Events (National/International)667%67%67%
All Events (Overall)1374%72%73%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-5kg - 11 events-6kg - 11 events
When missed-6kg - 1 events-7kg - 1 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ82F63QLDMast 35-3909/Aug/2015Broken by Melissa Robinson
SNATCH66F63QLDMast 35-3909/Aug/2015Broken by
TOTAL148F63QLDMast 35-3909/Aug/2015Broken by