Club --- Gender F
Age Group Mast 40-44 Weightlifting Age 43 (Born 1978)
Coach Arjun Tokhi

State SA



Personal Bests


Competition History

SAWLA/ SAWC Xmas Open And State Championships65.96627713915/12/2012179.306H
SAWLA January Open and SA Rugby Challenge66.68(+1) 63(+0) 77(+1) 14019/01/2013177.465H
SAWLA February Open and SAWC Masters Round 166.98(+2) 65(+3) 80(+5) 14516/02/2013183.337G
SAWLA March Open and Rodney Hutton Memorial Cup Round 167.38(+1) 66(+1) 81(+2) 14716/03/2013185.244G
SAWLA May Open and SAWC Masters Round 265.62(+1) 67(+2) 83(+3) 15018/05/2013191.897G
Olitek AWF Masters64.406586(+1) 15115/06/2013195.311G
National & Oceania Senior/Junior/Youth64.40(+3) 70(+2) 88(+7) 15813/07/2013204.365F
Commonwealth Masters Champs and World Masters Cup64.35(+3) 73(+-2) 86(+1) 15925/11/2013205.752F
SAWLA Christmas State Open Championships62.64718015114/12/2013198.592F
SAWLA May Open & Eleiko Club Challenge Qualifying Round61.90657514021/05/2016185.475G
SAWLA State Championships62.54668214823/07/2016194.836F
SAWLA December Open65.34657814310/12/2016183.396H
SAWLA April Open & Club Challenge Round 261.9263781411/04/2017186.762G

Competition Attempts

SAWLA/ SAWC Xmas Open And State Championships65.96576265707779627713915/12/2012
SAWLA January Open and SA Rugby Challenge66.68556063707577637714019/01/2013
SAWLA February Open and SAWC Masters Round 166.98586365737780658014516/02/2013
SAWLA March Open and Rodney Hutton Memorial Cup Round 167.38606466757981668114716/03/2013
SAWLA May Open and SAWC Masters Round 265.62626567758083678315018/05/2013
Olitek AWF Masters64.40657070808486658615115/06/2013
National & Oceania Senior/Junior/Youth64.40656870818588708815813/07/2013
Commonwealth Masters Champs and World Masters Cup64.35677073828688738615925/11/2013
SAWLA Christmas State Open Championships62.64677171808486718015114/12/2013
SAWLA May Open & Eleiko Club Challenge Qualifying Round61.90566165707581657514021/05/2016
SAWLA State Championships62.54606466758082668214823/07/2016
SAWLA December Open65.34586265677378657814310/12/2016
SAWLA April Open & Club Challenge Round 261.9259636770757863781411/04/2017

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1092%78%87%
Higher Events (National/International)378%78%78%
All Events (Overall)1387%82%85%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-7kg - 12 events-10kg - 11 events
When missedN/A-3kg - 1 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ77F69SAMast 35-3919/Jan/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
SNATCH63F69SAMast 35-3919/Jan/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
TOTAL140F69SAMast 35-3919/Jan/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
TOTAL145F69SAMast 35-3916/Feb/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
TOTAL145F69AWFMast 35-3916/Feb/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
SNATCH65F69SAMast 35-3916/Feb/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
SNATCH65F69AWFMast 35-3916/Feb/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
CJ80F69SAMast 35-3916/Feb/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
CJ81F69SAMast 35-3916/Mar/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
SNATCH66F69AWFMast 35-3916/Mar/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
SNATCH66F69SAMast 35-3916/Mar/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
TOTAL147F69AWFMast 35-3916/Mar/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
TOTAL147F69SAMast 35-3916/Mar/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
TOTAL150F69AWFMast 35-3918/May/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
TOTAL150F69SAMast 35-3918/May/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
SNATCH67F69AWFMast 35-3918/May/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
SNATCH67F69SAMast 35-3918/May/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
CJ83F69SAMast 35-3918/May/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
CJ83F69AWFMast 35-3918/May/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
CJ86F69AWFMast 35-3915/Jun/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
CJ86F69SAMast 35-3915/Jun/2013Current Record
TOTAL151F69AWFMast 35-3915/Jun/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
TOTAL151F69SAMast 35-3915/Jun/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
TOTAL158F69AWFMast 35-3913/Jul/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
TOTAL158F69SAMast 35-3913/Jul/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
CJ88F69AWFMast 35-3913/Jul/2013Broken by Andrea Miller
CJ88F69SAMast 35-3913/Jul/2013Broken by
SNATCH70F69AWFMast 35-3913/Jul/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
SNATCH70F69SAMast 35-3913/Jul/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
TOTAL159F69AWFMast 35-3925/Nov/2013Broken by Andrea Miller
TOTAL159F69SAMast 35-3925/Nov/2013Broken by
SNATCH73F69AWFMast 35-3925/Nov/2013Broken by Andrea Miller
SNATCH73F69SAMast 35-3925/Nov/2013Broken by
TOTAL151F63SAMast 35-3914/Dec/2013Broken by
SNATCH71F63SAMast 35-3914/Dec/2013Broken by
CJ80F63SAMast 35-3914/Dec/2013Broken by Nicole Chamberlain
CJ82F63SAMast 35-3923/Jul/2016Broken by