Club Feel Good Weightlifting Gender F
Age Group Mast 45-49 Weightlifting Age 45 (Born 1974)
Coach Tommy Marshman

State NSW

Personal Bests


Competition History

Triumph Club and Feelgood Club Competition96.6050601106/04/2012118.366UNGRADED
Bruce Walsh Memorial and NSW Masters Championships 93.98(+10) 60(+6) 66(+16) 12621/04/2012136.801K
State Championships U15, U17 Junior and Senior92.27557012519/05/2012136.566K
Australian & Oceania Masters Championships91.40(+1) 61(+-5) 6512616/06/2012138.117K
Triumph Club Competition93.006075(+9) 1355/04/2013147.092J
Bruce Walsh Memorial & NSWWA Masters State Championships94.166082(+7) 14220/04/2013154.074I
Olitek AWF Masters91.42(+4) 65(+-2) 80(+3) 14515/06/2013158.932I
Crossfit Feel Good Open94.79(+6) 71(+-22) 6013130/11/2013141.825J

Competition Attempts

Triumph Club and Feelgood Club Competition96.6040455055606050601106/04/2012
Bruce Walsh Memorial and NSW Masters Championships 93.98606612621/04/2012
State Championships U15, U17 Junior and Senior92.27556061607075557012519/05/2012
Australian & Oceania Masters Championships91.40505561606571616512616/06/2012
Triumph Club Competition93.0055606070758060751355/04/2013
Bruce Walsh Memorial & NSWWA Masters State Championships94.16606565758082608214220/04/2013
Olitek AWF Masters91.42656868808080658014515/06/2013
Crossfit Feel Good Open94.79717272607780716013130/11/2013

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events659%62%60%
Higher Events (National/International)267%50%58%
All Events (Overall)857%62%60%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-2kg - 6 events-7kg - 5 events
When missedN/A-2kg - 1 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ60F75+NSWMast 35-3906/Apr/2012Broken by Megan Kelly
SNATCH50F75+NSWMast 35-3906/Apr/2012Broken by Megan Kelly
TOTAL110F75+NSWMast 35-3906/Apr/2012Broken by Megan Kelly
TOTAL126F75+NSWMast 35-3921/Apr/2012Broken by Megan Kelly
SNATCH60F75+NSWMast 35-3921/Apr/2012Broken by Megan Kelly
CJ66F75+NSWMast 35-3921/Apr/2012Broken by Megan Kelly
CJ70F75+NSWMast 35-3919/May/2012Broken by Megan Kelly
SNATCH61F75+NSWMast 35-3916/Jun/2012Broken by Megan Kelly
CJ75F75+NSWMast 35-3905/Apr/2013Broken by Megan Kelly
TOTAL135F75+NSWMast 35-3905/Apr/2013Broken by Megan Kelly
TOTAL142F75+NSWMast 35-3920/Apr/2013Broken by Megan Kelly
CJ82F75+NSWMast 35-3920/Apr/2013Broken by Nikora Tuulau
SNATCH65F75+NSWMast 35-3915/Jun/2013Broken by Megan Kelly
TOTAL145F75+NSWMast 35-3915/Jun/2013Broken by Nikora Tuulau
SNATCH71F75+NSWMast 35-3930/Nov/2013Broken by Dimitra Tsiliaskopoulos
SNATCH71F75+AWFMast 35-3930/Nov/2013Broken by Laurel Hubbard