Club Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania Gender M
Age Group Mast 70-74 Weightlifting Age 72 (Born 1947)
Coach Lionel Isaac

State TAS

Personal Bests


Competition History

President's Cup Round 777.353036663/11/201882.178UNGRADED
President's Cup Grand Final75.96(+3) 33(+5) 41(+8) 748/12/201893.048UNGRADED
WTI Masters Championships & PC178.86(+1) 34(+2) 43(+3) 7719/01/201994.899UNGRADED
Chris Chugg Memorial & PC276.25(+1) 35(+0) 43(+1) 782/03/201997.873UNGRADED
Australian Masters Championships76.9034437716/03/201996.175UNGRADED
WTI Junior and U23 Championships & PC476.153545(+2) 8025/05/2019100.454UNGRADED
OWF & CWF Masters Championships76.84(+1) 36(+2) 47(+3) 8314/06/2019103.713UNGRADED
WTI U15/U17 Championships & PC578.0235468127/07/2019100.393UNGRADED
PC6 - Hobart78.503548837/09/2019102.539UNGRADED
Cliff Joyce Memorial & PC778.90(+1) 37(+0) 48(+2) 8519/10/2019104.731UNGRADED

Competition Attempts

President's Cup Round 777.352528303033363036663/11/2018
President's Cup Grand Final75.963030333538413341748/12/2018
WTI Masters Championships & PC178.8632343437404334437719/01/2019
Chris Chugg Memorial & PC276.253033354043453543782/03/2019
Australian Masters Championships76.9031343640434534437716/03/2019
WTI Junior and U23 Championships & PC476.1531333540434535458025/05/2019
OWF & CWF Masters Championships76.8432343642454736478314/06/2019
WTI U15/U17 Championships & PC578.0232353838424635468127/07/2019
PC6 - Hobart78.503335374246483548837/09/2019
Cliff Joyce Memorial & PC778.9035374042454837488519/10/2019

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events884%94%88%
Higher Events (National/International)283%83%83%
All Events (Overall)1080%93%87%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-3kg - 8 events-4kg - 9 events
When missed0kg - 1 eventsN/A

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ36M81TASMast 70-7403/Nov/2018Broken by Tony Hagar
SNATCH30M81TASMast 70-7403/Nov/2018Broken by Tony Hagar
TOTAL66M81TASMast 70-7403/Nov/2018Broken by Tony Hagar
TOTAL77M81TASMast 70-7419/Jan/2019Broken by Tony Hagar
SNATCH34M81TASMast 70-7419/Jan/2019Broken by Tony Hagar
CJ43M81TASMast 70-7419/Jan/2019Broken by Tony Hagar
CJ45M81TASMast 70-7425/May/2019Broken by Tony Hagar
SNATCH35M81TASMast 70-7425/May/2019Broken by Tony Hagar
TOTAL80M81TASMast 70-7425/May/2019Broken by Tony Hagar
TOTAL83M81TASMast 70-7414/Jun/2019Broken by Tony Hagar
SNATCH36M81TASMast 70-7414/Jun/2019Broken by Tony Hagar
CJ47M81TASMast 70-7414/Jun/2019Broken by Tony Hagar
CJ48M81TASMast 70-7407/Sep/2019Current Record
SNATCH37M81TASMast 70-7419/Oct/2019Current Record
TOTAL85M81TASMast 70-7419/Oct/2019Current Record