Club --- Gender F
Age Group Senior Weightlifting Age 27 (Born 1992)
Coach Georgina Lock

State WA

Personal Bests


Competition History

WWA GP#2 & Junior Shield50.4040509015/04/2012141.477K
State Senior U20/17/15 Masters Championships47.50(+4) 44(+5) 55(+9) 991/07/2012163.789I
GP #3 + Junior Shield #2 QE U15/Youth & Junior49.9044559926/08/2012156.940J
AWF Age Championships (U17/U20) 47.784455997/10/2012162.940I
GP #4 and 2012 Prize Giving 49.30(+3) 47(+2) 57(+5) 1042/12/2012166.574I
WWA State League 1 / Jr Shield 148.05(+5) 52(+-57) 0024/02/20130.000UNGRADED
WWA State League 250.104762(+5) 10921/04/2013172.208I
National & Oceania Senior/Junior/Youth47.75476110811/07/2013177.851H
WWA State League 3 and Junior Shield 250.75(+1) 53(+3) 65(+9) 1181/09/2013184.421H
Jack Walls Classic52.40526511724/10/2013178.113H
WWA November Open51.1551003/11/20130.000UNGRADED
The Locker Club Comp 152.40526411621/03/2014176.590H
Crossfit Mandurah Club Comp52.30(+1) 54(+-2) 6311710/05/2014178.389H
The Locker Club Comp 251.20(+1) 55(+5) 70(+7) 12529/08/2014193.934G
State Junior/Senior/Masters Championships51.6500028/09/20140.000UNGRADED

Competition Attempts

WWA GP#2 & Junior Shield50.4030354045505540509015/04/2012
State Senior U20/17/15 Masters Championships47.504244485255554455991/07/2012
GP #3 + Junior Shield #2 QE U15/Youth & Junior49.9044474855575744559926/08/2012
AWF Age Championships (U17/U20) 47.784444445555584455997/10/2012
GP #4 and 2012 Prize Giving 49.3043475054576047571042/12/2012
WWA State League 1 / Jr Shield 148.05454952555555520024/02/2013
WWA State League 250.10475155556062476210921/04/2013
National & Oceania Senior/Junior/Youth47.75475151555861476110811/07/2013
WWA State League 3 and Junior Shield 250.7545485358616553651181/09/2013
Jack Walls Classic52.40475252606568526511724/10/2013
WWA November Open51.1548515463636551003/11/2013
The Locker Club Comp 152.40454952556064526411621/03/2014
Crossfit Mandurah Club Comp52.30475054586366546311710/05/2014
The Locker Club Comp 251.20505555657072557012529/08/2014
State Junior/Senior/Masters Championships51.6552525200028/09/2014

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1369%60%65%
Higher Events (National/International)250%67%58%
All Events (Overall)1567%62%64%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-3kg - 13 events-3kg - 10 events
When missed-3kg - 1 events-1kg - 3 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
SNATCH44F48WAJunior01/Jul/2012Broken by Jaydene Nepia
TOTAL99F48WAJunior01/Jul/2012Broken by Jaydene Nepia
CJ55F48WAJunior01/Jul/2012Broken by Jaydene Nepia
SNATCH52F53WASenior24/Feb/2013Broken by Joan Leong
TOTAL108F48WASenior11/Jul/2013Broken by Georgia Cervin
CJ61F48WASenior11/Jul/2013Broken by Georgia Cervin
TOTAL118F53WASenior01/Sep/2013Broken by Georgina Lock
SNATCH53F53WASenior01/Sep/2013Broken by Georgina Lock
SNATCH54F53WASenior10/May/2014Broken by Georgina Lock
SNATCH55F53WASenior29/Aug/2014Broken by Milijana De Mori
TOTAL125F53WASenior29/Aug/2014Broken by Milijana De Mori
CJ70F53WAU2329/Aug/2014Current Record