Club Toowoomba Weightlifting Association Inc Gender M
Age Group Senior Weightlifting Age 24 (Born 1997)
Coach Bronwyn Hitchener

State QLD



Personal Bests


Competition History

JME Qld Club Challenge- Toowoomba93.40587112929/06/2012147.573UNGRADED
QWA League Round 3 & Masters League Round 393.005774(+2) 13128/07/2012150.139UNGRADED
Qld U15, Youth & Junior Championships93.40(+2) 60(+1) 75(+4) 13511/08/2012154.437UNGRADED
JME QLD Club Challenge- Toowoomba93.70(+3) 63(+-5) 7013324/08/2012151.939UNGRADED
QWA League Round 4 & Masters League Round 493.7557751321/09/2012150.762UNGRADED
AWF U15 Tournament 92.2761701315/10/2012150.657UNGRADED
JME QLD Club Challenge-Toowoomba93.106275(+2) 13719/10/2012156.943UNGRADED
QLD All Schools Challenge93.7062751373/11/2012156.509UNGRADED
Toowoomba Open Club Competition94.60617413513/12/2012153.599UNGRADED
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 1 - Toowoomba101.306178(+2) 1399/03/2013153.895UNGRADED
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 2 - Toowoomba109.20(+2) 65(+2) 80(+6) 14531/05/2013156.387UNGRADED
QWA League and Masters League Round 3113.606484(+3) 14829/06/2013157.684UNGRADED
Qld U15 & Youth Championships105.90(+2) 67(+1) 85(+4) 15210/08/2013165.624UNGRADED
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 3 – Toowoomba107.40677714424/08/2013156.159UNGRADED
QWA League and Masters League Round 4107.90658214721/09/2013159.167UNGRADED
Qld All Schools Championships108.75(+5) 72(+0) 85(+5) 15726/10/2013169.557UNGRADED
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 4 – Toowoomba111.5070801509/11/2013160.719UNGRADED
QWA League Round 1 & Masters League Round 1121.85(+3) 75(+5) 90(+8) 16516/02/2014172.481UNGRADED
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 1 – Toowoomba122.7073871608/03/2014166.970UNGRADED
AWF Clubs Tournament122.8570881584/04/2014164.834UNGRADED

Competition Attempts

JME Qld Club Challenge- Toowoomba93.40505458626671587112929/06/2012
QWA League Round 3 & Masters League Round 393.00545760677174577413128/07/2012
Qld U15, Youth & Junior Championships93.40576063727575607513511/08/2012
JME QLD Club Challenge- Toowoomba93.70576163707072637013324/08/2012
QWA League Round 4 & Masters League Round 493.7557606072737557751321/09/2012
AWF U15 Tournament 92.2755586165707561701315/10/2012
JME QLD Club Challenge-Toowoomba93.10585862707575627513719/10/2012
QLD All Schools Challenge93.7058626570757762751373/11/2012
Toowoomba Open Club Competition94.60576161707374617413513/12/2012
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 1 - Toowoomba101.3061646573767861781399/03/2013
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 2 - Toowoomba109.20576165727780658014531/05/2013
QWA League and Masters League Round 3113.60606467758084648414829/06/2013
Qld U15 & Youth Championships105.90606467778285678515210/08/2013
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 3 – Toowoomba107.40626770777777677714424/08/2013
QWA League and Masters League Round 4107.90656565778285658214721/09/2013
Qld All Schools Championships108.75667072808587728515726/10/2013
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 4 – Toowoomba111.5060667075808570801509/11/2013
QWA League Round 1 & Masters League Round 1121.85687275838690759016516/02/2014
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 1 – Toowoomba122.7067717382879073871608/03/2014
AWF Clubs Tournament122.8570757588929270881584/04/2014

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1876%78%77%
Higher Events (National/International)267%50%58%
All Events (Overall)2073%77%75%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-5kg - 17 events-5kg - 17 events
When missed-3kg - 2 events-6kg - 2 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ71M94QLDUnder 1529/Jun/2012Broken by Timothy Hitchener
CJ71M94QLDYouth29/Jun/2012Broken by Timothy Hitchener
SNATCH58M94QLDUnder 1529/Jun/2012Broken by Timothy Hitchener
SNATCH58M94QLDYouth29/Jun/2012Broken by Timothy Hitchener
TOTAL129M94QLDUnder 1529/Jun/2012Broken by Timothy Hitchener
TOTAL129M94QLDYouth29/Jun/2012Broken by Timothy Hitchener
TOTAL131M94QLDUnder 1528/Jul/2012Broken by Timothy Hitchener
TOTAL131M94QLDYouth28/Jul/2012Broken by Timothy Hitchener
CJ74M94QLDUnder 1528/Jul/2012Broken by Timothy Hitchener
CJ74M94QLDYouth28/Jul/2012Broken by Timothy Hitchener
SNATCH60M94QLDUnder 1511/Aug/2012Broken by Timothy Hitchener
SNATCH60M94QLDYouth11/Aug/2012Broken by Timothy Hitchener
TOTAL135M94QLDUnder 1511/Aug/2012Broken by Timothy Hitchener
TOTAL135M94QLDYouth11/Aug/2012Broken by Timothy Hitchener
CJ75M94QLDUnder 1511/Aug/2012Broken by Aden Creed
CJ75M94QLDYouth11/Aug/2012Broken by Aden Creed
SNATCH63M94QLDUnder 1524/Aug/2012Broken by John Downes
SNATCH63M94QLDYouth24/Aug/2012Broken by Adam Hoyes
CJ75M94QLDU2319/Oct/2012Broken by Peter Scott
SNATCH62M94QLDU2319/Oct/2012Broken by Peter Scott
TOTAL137M94QLDUnder 1519/Oct/2012Broken by John Downes
TOTAL137M94QLDYouth19/Oct/2012Broken by Adam Hoyes
CJ74M105QLDU2313/Dec/2012Broken by Peter Scott
SNATCH61M105QLDU2313/Dec/2012Broken by Peter Scott
TOTAL135M105QLDU2313/Dec/2012Broken by Peter Scott
SNATCH65M105+QLDU2331/May/2013Broken by Lachlan Miller
TOTAL145M105+QLDU2331/May/2013Broken by Timothy Hitchener
CJ80M105+QLDU2331/May/2013Broken by Timothy Hitchener
SNATCH67M105+QLDU2324/Aug/2013Broken by Samuel Little
SNATCH73M105+QLDU2308/Mar/2014Broken by Jordan Evans
SNATCH73M105+AWFU2308/Mar/2014Broken by Jordan Evans